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Expert care for children aged 2-3 years

The Rising Threes offers a secure and stimulating environment for children aged 2-3 years. Practitioners form positive relationships with the children, encouraging them to further develop their confidence in selecting resources and activities of their own choice. The children have access to a full range of continuous provision through indoor and outdoor play, promoting all areas of learning and development. A balance of
child-initiated and adult-led activities, incorporating the children’s interests, are planned for.

Activities such as imaginative play and group time experiences provide the opportunity for children to interact and form friendships with their peers. Children are encouraged to develop basic skills, and become
independent in their health and self-care.

We offer

  • Care for children aged 2-3 years
  • Places for 24 children
  • Key person system
  • Provision of nappies and wipes
  • Individual sleep mats and bedding
  • Secure outdoor play area
  • Daily access to continuous provision
  • Tailored support with toilet training
  • Daily feedback
  • Termly parents evenings

“The team are all enthusiastic and welcoming, which is great to see, and I love that they spend so much time outside. Everyone at Honley Day Care does a wonderful job and I can't thank them enough!”

Quoted by Parent